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with Julia Masli 

Jackson's Lane Theatre

19/06/23 - 22/06/23

11:00 - 17:00 (1 hour lunch)


A 4 day intensive clown workshop to discover how we are uniquely funny, and to find laughter in places previously unknown. 

Laughter will be our guiding light in our exploration with an audience. We will leave our idea of how we think we're funny and enter the unknown, at times uncomfortable, but ultimately fruitful, land of the bad.. where great inventions might be discovered! 

Through exercises, games and improvisations we will train: 

- sensitivity to the audience 

- lightness & pleasure to be on stage 

- comic timing & rhythm

- playing with other clowns 

- meet the flop and how to work with it

This workshop is for performers, actors, comedians, circus practitioners, dancers and curious people from all vacations and walks of life. 

Julia Masli is an award-winning working clown. As a teacher she has taught at renowned clown school Ecole Philippe Gaulier in France, where she also studied, at BA Acting at Drama Studio London, BA Comedy at Bath Spa University, MA Acting at York University and MA Acting at ArtsEd London. She has taught her own workshops at London's Jackson's Lane Theatre, Liverpool's Physical Fest, Amsterdam and more.


“It was a joyous experience and I learned a lot. I learned that I can afford to do much less, to be more comfortable with not knowing and finding more pleasure in that. Also to remember that there is beauty and stupidity already embedded in all of us and to not be ashamed to share it or hide by overcompensating!
Julia was a very gentle teacher, generous with the space she gives to everyone and was very effective with the directions she was giving to feed your curiosity. I felt in safe hands to fail"


"I loved the atmosphere that Julia created, I immediately felt ready to play and find some fun. I learnt that failure can be very funny as well as finding some surprises. Julia was a very generous teacher who made everyone feel welcome and to enjoy their failures"


“It was exactly what I hoped it would be like and I had so much fun.
I'll definitely be using some of the things I learnt in my day-to-day life, especially at my job, where coming up with creative ideas (that might not work!) is so important. 
I'd heard that clown workshops can be a bit scary in terms of feedback, but I felt safe the entire time.

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