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Julia Masli & The Duncan Brothers: LEGS

WINNER: Malcolm Hardee Awards 2019 - Comic Originality

Legs* are what most humans stand on. They also allow humans to walk, crouch and lunge. If at any point in your life you have used your legs, thought about legs or if you know someone with legs, then this is the show for you. 

SOLD OUT SEASON: Soho Theatre London 2020 (Extended Run due to popular demand)

"It reaches the purest forms of nonsense and silly" ★★★★ The Skinny

"an escape from meaning" ★★★★ - The List

"beautiful" ★★★★ Beyond the Joke

Image © Alexis Dubus 

"The audience are reacting as if they have been starved of this content all their lives" ★★★★ Comedy To Watch


Image © Andy Hollingworth

AE19A7648 (c) Andy Hollingworth Archive.

Image © Andy Hollingworth

Produced by: Julia Masli & The Duncan Brothers

CREATORS: Robert Duncan, Julia Masli, Andrew Duncan

Artwork: Andrew Duncan

Director: Dan Lees

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