Julia Masli & Viggo Venn: WE MISSED YOU


Hello you. Yes, you reading this! We Missed You. Harlequin and Pierrot celebrate seeing you again. During the pandemic they ventured out to the streets and town squares of London to bring joy to the local people. These moments of connection were filmed and are screened as part of the live online performance.

The show is born out of a project between theatre artists Julia Masli (Estonia) and Viggo Venn (Norway), and architect Valeria Burmistrova (Russia), aimed at transforming public spaces into magical spaces, through playful and social-distanced performances. 

"This piece is pure joy. A show that absolutely indulges in the love for audience and entertainment"


​"without a doubt comedy genius." NORTH WEST END UK

"laughter and joy transcend the screen." THE STAGE


Image © Andy Hollingworth

Julia Masli & Viggo Venn received support from Performing Arts Hub Norway, funded by Arts Council Norway, to stream "We Missed You" online at Voila Festival Europe 2020. 

AE19A9305 (c) Andy Hollingworth Archive.

Image © Andy Hollingworth

AE19A9320 (c) Andy Hollingworth Archive.

Image © Andy Hollingworth

Produced by: Julia Masli & Viggo Venn

CREATORS: Viggo Venn, Julia Masli 

Photography: Andy Hollingworth