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Click the link below to read reviews and accolades about the show CHOOSH! 

Outreach clown workshops

"A fantastic and energetic workshop full of laughter and happiness. Julia did an amazing job of getting the young girls out of their comfort zone and being comfortable with each other. As English is not their first language, the girls were able to participate with movement rather than language. In turn, this empowered them and made them feel happy and motivated."

- Madiha Mughal (The Baytree Centre)

Soutbank Centre "Women for Refugee Women"

Soutbank Centre "Women for Refugee Women"

Julia Masli is a staff teacher at renowned clown school Ecole Philippe Gaulier in France, visiting clown teacher at BA Acting at Drama Studio London, BA Comedy at Bath Spa University, MA Acting at York University and MA Acting at ArtsEd London. She is collaborating with Counterpoints Arts to bring clown workshops to migrant and refugee communities who don't have access to them. 

"The World of Play" workshop is dedicated to the world of clowning and through it, we will nurture the playful spirit that is abundant in us all through games and exercises rooted in play. 

Our playful side is our natural creative superpower, but it’s often suppressed by our fast-paced culture, technology, and societal expectations. We want to offer this workshop to reclaim our right to play and have fun with our community. We will get a taste of the world of clown and learn to find great joy and creative inspiration in ourselves, each other and things that surround us. 


Why is this useful? 

  • playing feeds our creativity 

  • communication through play and physicality rather than language 

  • we will experience true connection, building confidence and trust

  • we will explore new creative outlets 

  • we will play without the help of technology 

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